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Car washing (especially HDB Carpark) : Motorcycle/Bicycle washing : Home windows/floor washing : Beach / BBQ : Air-con Cleaning : Pet washing / bathing : Pest insecticide spraying : Gardening : Outdoor : Fishing / Camping :

Anywhere Anytime you wish, USE IT!!!

  • 8L kit was introduced to Singapore in 2012 through GIANT Singapore, Fairprice X'tra etc
  • the kit enjoys an immediate super popularity and demand as the most powerful manual pump and extremely low faulty rate.
  • new design (current design) was introduced in 2015 further proven its durability and excellent power.
  • 12L was introduced in 2013 due to high demand for a larger capacity kit.
  • 12L was highly demand by industrial sector due to its durability and heavy duty.         

         its integrated body design proven up to 99.9% leak proof, especially on the 'neck' (funnel) area.

  • besides personal-used customers, both kits have stable demand from these industries:
    • marine industry
    • MRT subcontractors
    • Air-con contractors
    • pest exterminators
    • pet companies
    • R&D related companies like DSO etc
    • fish farm operators
    • cycling groups
  •  of course, our most supportive customers are still our dearest automobile owners!

Video show is old version 8L Portable Car Wash Kit

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Portable Car Wash Kit

8L Version

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Portable Car Wash Kit

12L Version